Grant Programs

The City of Levelland currently has two grant programs (Façade and Mega Grants) available to business/property owners located within the Levelland Main Street area for the purpose of repairing, renovating and preserving our local historic district, the downtown Square. These incentive grants are part of a newly established Chapter 380 Program under the 

Any business and/or owner of a property located in the Levelland Main Street district is eligible to apply.

For more information about these incentive grants, please see the tabs below.  To use the online fillable form, scroll down past the program information and instructions, below.

You may also download and print off a copy, by clicking on the links below, or to receive a hard copy application, please contact the Main Street Manager.

  1. Façade Grant Program
  2. Mega Grant Program

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Deadline for 2024 TBD


This program is intended to promote the economic vitality of Levelland’s historic central business district/Main Street Program Area by providing matching grants for eligible projects designed to improve the commercial buildings in the historic downtown. 


The grant consists of a one-dollar to one-dollar match up to $2000. 

Grants will be administered as reimbursements once approved projects have been completed as agreed and detailed itemized receipts are shown for work completed.

Submittal of an application does not ensure funding. 

Funding is limited.


Façade grants focus on the exterior work of storefronts (visible to the public) on commercial buildings and upper story residential buildings in the downtown district. Examples of such improvements (but not limited to) are awnings, window rehabilitation, brick repair, exterior paint, and signage.

The Levelland Main Street Façade Grant Program is set up as a single payment reimbursement to property owners per building/business, and in some situations, tenants located within the Levelland Main Street Area. Tenants must provide written consent from the property owner to be considered for a grant. Property owners must show proof of ownership to be considered.

Applicants are encouraged to promote historic preservation, energy efficiency, and accessibility standards in designing improvements, to the extent that they are financially feasible or required by law. All improvements must conform to applicable city building codes, zoning ordinances, local, and state laws and to the design guidelines adopted for the area and approved by City staff and the Main Street Advisory Board. Façade improvements to properties are strongly encouraged to be completed in accordance with the historical integrity of the building.  Funding preference may be given to Applicants who request and consider direction from the Texas Main Street Design Staff during the application process. Services provided by the Texas Main Street Design Staff are complimentary to all businesses within the Main Street Area and require no costs or obligations on the part of the Applicant.  The Main Street Manager will work closely with the Applicant during this process in the event the Applicant wishes to receive these services.

If awarded a façade reimbursement grant, any deviation from the approved grant project may result in the total or partial withdraw of the grant. In addition, a Main Street Façade Grant Sign shall be displayed in the recipient’s storefront window for a minimum of (1) month to publicly publicize the grant program.

PROJECTS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR GRANT FUNDING:  The following items are not eligible for façade grant funding:

  • Roofing, Plumbing, Interior non-permanent cosmetic such as paint and flooring
  • Temporary Signage such as banners, etc.
  • Items not part of the buildings structure such as landscaping, driveways, parking, and temporary or removable items such as furniture and appurtenances.
  • New Construction Projects
  • No grants shall be awarded for work that has already been done or for work that is covered by insurance.


The grant application period will be set by the Main Street Advisory Board once annually.  Applicants will have 6-weeks to complete and submit an application from the date set for applications to open.  Applications will be reviewed be the Main Street Advisory Board and finalists will be submitted to City Council for final approval and awards.  Dates will be announced annually updated accordingly.

*2021 - Six grants were awarded for Façade improvements, two could not procure materials and/or estimates, four were completed and reimbursed.

*2020 - Five grants were awarded for Façade improvements including an awning, windows, paint and exterior improvements for five locations and four downtown business owners. Four projects were completed and reimbursed, one forfeiture, due to time constraints.


Grant awardees will have up to one-year from the date of approval for the project completion.  Failure to complete the project within the set timeframe could result in removal of the grant approval and awarding the grant to another project. A six-month extension may be possible if requested due to extenuating circumstances, subject to approval by the Levelland City Council.


  1. Determine eligibility. Discuss project plans with the Main Street Manager and obtain a Main Street Façade Grant application. Optional Resource: Set up an appointment for free assistance in selecting paint, fabrics, color schemes, and sign materials for building façade through the Texas Main Street Design Staff. Obtain an Application from the Main Street Manager.
  2. Complete the Main Street Façade Grant Application and sign the agreement form. In addition, obtain itemized work estimates on all project work from qualified and/or licensed contractors and/or project architects.
  3. Submit completed application to Main Street Office. Attach supplemental materials to the application, which shall include original itemized work estimates, color samples, drawings/renderings, and example sign material of the proposed work.   Only applications that have been properly and fully completed and which contain all of the information required within the application or as requested by the Main Street Manager will be considered and scheduled to present to the Main Street Advisory Board/Executive Committee.
  4. Approval Process.  The approval process will include:
    1. All façade grant projects must meet current building standards and codes, as well as building permit requirements.
    2. Schedule an appointment with the Main Street Advisory Board or Executive Committee for a short 10-minute presentation.  This presentation must be approximately 10 minutes in length (allowing 5 minutes for Q & A with the board/committee). The presentation must provide a detailed explanation of the project, including photos, drawings, paint colors/samples, sign colors, shape, proposed placement, materials, etc.  
      1. Construction quotes/bids are required for the review of the application.  Local contractors are encouraged if the cost is within 20% of the out-of-town bid.  All construction bids submitted by a grant applicant must be current and dated no earlier than ninety (90) days prior to the application request.
        1. The Main Street Advisory Board/Executive Committee will review applications and submit finalists based on available funding for final approval to the Levelland City Council.   The Main Street Manager will inform applicants of determination in writing via email. Work on projects must not begin before determination and/or approval by the Levelland City Council.
        2. Applicants who receive grant approval will have one-year for completion of work from the date of written approval from the Main Street Manager.   All work must be completed and receipts submitted to the Main Street Manager within this time timeframe. Applicants are subject to disqualification of grant funding if these requirements are not met. Larger construction projects may file for a deadline extension and are subject to the approval of the Main Street Advisory Board and the Levelland City Council.
        3. As a condition of this grant application and in consideration of the opportunity to apply for a grant, the applicant consents and shall allow the Main Street Advisory Board to request City of Levelland inspections to determine the grant, if awarded, shall not be used for construction to any building that is not in compliance with the City Municipal Codes and Ordinances.
        4. No applicant maintains a right to receive grant funds. The Main Street Advisory Board shall consider any application within its discretionary authority to determine what grant amount would be in the best interest of the grant program with final approval from the Levelland City Council. The review criteria may include but shall not be limited to compatible architectural design of historical downtown buildings, streetscape objectives, and the overall redevelopment of the downtown district.
          1. The applicant is required to obtain all City of Levelland permits required prior to the start of construction.
            1. No applicant or representative shall be entitled to receive grant approval on the same property within one (1) year from the date of a previous grant that was awarded.

Reimbursement. When the entire project has been completed satisfactorily reviewed, the applicant shall present the Main Street Manager with copies of all paid invoices, including cancelled checks and/or credit card receipts, for a single payment