Welcome from the Mayor!

On behalf of the City Council of the City of Levelland, I would like to welcome you to Levelland. I'm so blessed to be able to call Levelland home! What a great place to live and less than a year ago I had the honor of being elected Mayor of this wonderful “little city.” There are so many things here that enhance the quality of our life. Levelland is a progressive city that we feel has a very bright future.

Where to start? Our schools are amazing, beginning with the new ABC school which services our preschool & kindergarten students followed by our newly remodeled elementary schools - South & Capital. We are in the process of completing renovation on the Intermediate school which will house our 4th. & 5th. graders. Middle school is an amazing facility where our 6th. 7th. & 8th. graders are educated and Levelland High School has also undergone renovations to improved the educating of our students. We have the best of the best in our teachers, faculty, and administration.We have a strong school system that focuses on student success. I also can't say enough about South Plains College. They not only educate thousands of students from across the South Plains, they educate students from around the world. SPC is also an amazing community partner with local dedicated leadership.

Other areas of Levelland that enhance the quality of life are our parks, including a number of neighborhood parks as well as our Castle Park that was built by one of the first Leadership Levelland classes. Our City Park has pavilions for family gathering, playgrounds, soccer fields, and the City pool. Renovations are being completed on the adult baseball fields. Our newest park is the world class Levelland-Oxy Sports Complex which features several baseball, softball,and soccer fields. It is the envy of all the surrounding towns.

A few years ago, Levelland opened the Mallet Event Center and Arena, drawing people and events from across the state to this beautiful facility with a full arena, warmup arena, meeting areas, banquet halls, and a full chefs kitchen. It is booked almost every weekend with as many as three events at a time. It is an amazing facility.

Levelland is a Main Street City and we are proud of the improvements Main Street has been able to do to our downtown area. We have a variety of wonderful and unique businesses around our square including several that have been in business for more than 20 years. Main Street has recently been able to install way finding signs for almost all the business in the Main Street District and the rest should be completed and installed this year. New sidewalks have been installed in front of a number of our businesses. Main Street schedules several events on our downtown square that draws people from around the area and gives our citizens a chance to experience that small town atmosphere and giving families an opportunity to spend quality time together and with friends and neighbors. Along with a strong Main Street, Levelland has a very active Chamber of Commerce. Currently one of the newest projects of the Chamber of Commerce is the establishment of “Keep Levelland Beautiful”. Having a clean, beautiful city is important to many of our citizens and enhances our quality of life.

Our City is cared for by amazing City employees who love their jobs and only want to make Levelland better place to live. Our economy remains stronger than most in the area. We have a diversity that is the envy of others with our 300 acre Industrial Rail Park that has brought several industries to town. We have not only the oil industry but strong farming industry. Our churches, hospitals (yes we have an awesome one), schools, and businesses are very important to Levelland but what makes this “little city” great are the people. If you are just passing through, new here, or have been in Levelland a long time, you will find warm, caring people. We have so much to offer with our strong family values and sense of community pride. If you can't tell, I love Levelland and all things Levelland. I’m privileged to share a few of the great things going on in Levelland and hope you will want to be part of it too!


Barbra Pinner