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Billing Cycles
Levelland Utility Billing Cycles
The City of Levelland is divided into two billing zones based on geographic location. Because your zone is determined by where you live, you cannot change your billing date.
  • Zone 1 has account numbers beginning with 1 through 19
  • Zone 2 has account numbers beginning with 20 through 33

Bills are mailed once per month according to this schedule:
  • Zone 1 billing is mailed on the first of the month and is due by the 10th
  • Zone 2 billing is mailed on the 15th of the month and is due by the 25th

Delinquent Bills
All utility billings not received at City Hall within 10 days after the billing date shown on the utility bill are considered delinquent, and a late charge equal to 10% of the total amount shown on the bill will be added to the amount due.

In the event that a customer does not pay the utility bill in full, including the late fee, by the end of that monthly billing cycle, the City will have the service terminated to that account without further notice, and further grace period.

An $18 reconnect fee will be charged to the account. The reconnect fee and the balance must be paid in full before service may be restored. If the utility service is turned on after hours, an additional $8 is due.

Broken or Tampered with Meters
Never turn on your water service after the City has disconnected it. If the cutoff valve is broken, a fee of $35 and any additional costs will be charged to replace it.

If the meter is tampered with an additional $100 will be charged to your account for tampering with the meter and the meter will be pulled. If the meter is pulled a $50 fee will be charged.

It is illegal for any person to tamper with or bypass any metering device in order to obtain economic benefit of the public water supply. A violation of this article shall be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine in accordance with the general penalty provision found in section 1.106 of the Levelland Code of Ordinances.

City of Levelland
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City of Levelland
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