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Health Inspector

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1. How can I obtain a Food Permit to open a restaurant?
2. What are the rules and regulations I must follow to obtain a Food Establishment Permit?
3. How many times will my Food Establishment be inspected?
4. Who do I contact if I have a complaint on a Restaurant?

Cemetery Department

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1. How do we get a headstone or marker, does the city do monuments?
2. Who do I contact concerning a grave needing attention?
3. When will the flowers placed at the gravesite picked up?
4. When will the sprinkler system be turned on? The gravesite really needs watering?
5. What time does the Cemetery office close?

City Secretary

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1. When is the general city election held?
2. How can citizens participate on City boards and Commission?
3. What is required to hold a garage sale?
4. Are solicitors required to obtain a city permit?
5. Is there a charge for the permit?
6. Where do you obtain a permit?

Disc Golf

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1. What is disc golf?
2. Who plays disc golf?
3. What is the history of disc golf?
4. Where can I learn more about disc golf?
5. What are the rules of play for disc golf?

Drop A Trailer Program

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1. Who can use the DAT Program?
2. Can the DAT Program be used for commerical use?
3. How much does the DAT program cost to use?

Fire Department

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1. Can I burn my grass off?
2. Where can I find information on your Comprehensive Plan?

Human Resources

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1. What is the physical address of the City of Levelland?
2. How do I learn about available positions of employment at the City of Levelland?
3. How do I apply for a position with the City of Levelland?
4. What is the application process for the City?
5. After the interview, then what?
6. What are the hours of operation for the Human Resources department?
7. Does the City of Levelland keep my job application on file?
8. How do I apply for multiple jobs?
9. Is my application automatically sent to other jobs I might be qualified for?
10. What kinds of benefits does the City offer?

Municipal Court

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1. Is the Municipal Court located at the Court House?
2. Do I have to go in to your office if I received a ticket?
3. When are you open?
4. How much is my ticket going to cost?
5. How long do I have to pay my ticket?
6. My ticket says to appear at 8:00 in the morning, do I really have to be there at this time?
7. Do you take credit or debit card payments?
8. The officer told me I needed to talk to the judge, can I talk to her on the phone?
9. What will happen when I see the judge?


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1. I got a ticket. Where do I pay it?
2. Where do I get an application for the police department?
3. Where do I file a police report?
4. I need a dog picked up. Who do I call?

Utility Department

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1. Where can I pay my water bill?
2. How do I set up water service for my home or rental property?
3. How do I request service for my business?
4. How do I disconnect service at home?
5. How do I disconnect my service at my business?
6. Who do I call if I have questions about my water service?
7. When is my bill considered delinquent?
8. What if I am having trouble paying my bill?
9. How does commercial or construction companies apply for temporary water?


City of Levelland
PO Box 1010
Levelland, TX 79336
Ph. (806) 894-0113
Fx. (806) 894-0119