Levelland Main Street Advisory Board

2022-06-30 13.12.11Nicole Campbell 

2022-06-30 12.24.11Meleta Atchison
Vice President


Angie Vest
Past President

Corley 5x7

Aryn Corley


Valentina Soto


Iris Keeling


Devin Sonnenburg

2022-06-30 13.08.25Rob Martin


Christine Mitchell

2022-06-30 13.11.01
2022-06-30 13.06.41

RoxAnn Gonzales

Main Street Manager:

Tania Moody

The Main Street Advisory Board is a strong, working board capable of creating positive change for downtown. The success of a commercial district’s preservation and revitalization effort depends largely on the board’s ability to identify and mobilize resources, build volunteer support, develop new leadership, work effectively with merchants, and maintain clear focus on the district’s needs and opportunities. All members of the board and additional volunteers for the program should be historic preservation advocates.

The board should be a decisive, action-oriented group, small enough to establish a quorum easily and large enough to represent a cross-section of the community. The Levelland Main Street Board consists of 10 members. Board members should bring commitment, skills, leadership, time, enthusiasm, money and community respect to the organization. Examples of sectors of the community to be represented are:  downtown property owners, historic preservation societies, retailers, business owners, city/county government, local civic organizations, community leaders, architects, bankers, interested citizens, etc.