Sewer Problems?

What to do if you encounter a sewer back up in your home

REMEMBER TO CALL US FIRST at 806-894-0113 before you call a plumber.

A Levelland Wastewater Utilities crew will investigate the main line for possible blockage.

If we determine that the problem is not in the main line sewer, you will be notified by door tag or in person.


Your Sewer: Things You Might Not Want to Know & Did Not Want to Ask

  • Sewer backups create stressful and emotional situations for homeowners/renters. In some cases it may cause health and safety concerns as well as significant property loss. A proper response to a sewer backup can greatly minimize property damage and diminish the threat of illness.  Read more... (pdf) 

Cleaning Up the Mess...After the Flood or Sewer Backup 

  • If you have a sewer backup in your house, you MUST clean it properly to prevent you and your family from becoming sick or injured.  Read more... (pdf) 

Disease Prevention

  • If you are faced with cleaning up an area that has been flooded or contaminated with sewage, be aware that there are several disease-causing organisms that can be transmitted by contact with flood water or sewage. Read more... (pdf) 

 Be A Good Neighbor 

  • Don’t let Fats, Oil, Grease (FOG) From Food Scraps Clog Pipes 

Let's Tackle the Grease in This Kitchen!

  • Here are some helpful DOs and DON'Ts for the kitchen and around the house to help prevent grease buildup that can lead to blocked sewage lines and sewer overflows.  Download Brochure (PDF)

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