Notice of Election May 7, 2022-- English and Spanish

In 2022, the City of Levelland will be electing Council Members for District A and C.




EARLY VOTING ROSTERS for 2021 General Election

In compliance with Section 87.121 of the Texas Election Code, the early voting rosters must be posted on an entity’s website.

In 2019, the Texas Legislature updated the Texas Election Code to require that voter rosters be posted for each day of voting on a political subdivision's website. Once early voting begins, please find these below for this election, posted the business day following each voting day by 11 a.m. Accordingly, the documents below are the Early Voting Rosters for the election taking place May 1, 2021. Early Voting takes place April 19-April 27. Early voting takes place at the Hockley County Elections office.

In the event the Early Voting Roster doesn't show up in the list below, click this link to the Hockley County Elections website, and look for City of Levelland: http://www.co.hockley.tx.us/page/hockley.ElectionsHome

Early Voting Roster 4-19-2021

Absentee Voting Roster 4-19-2021

Early Voting Roster 4-20-2021

Early Voting Roster 4-21-2021

Early Voting Roster 4-22-2021

Early Voting Roster 4-23-2021

Early Voting Roster 4-26-2021

Early Voting Roster 4-27-2021


SAMPLE BALLOTS for Contested City Races

Notice of Election for May 1, 2021

Notice of Drawing for Placement on the Ballot

Notice of Deadline to File an Application for a Place on the Ballot


Hockley County Elections Administration Website

Texas Secretary of State

Texas Ethics Commission

Levelland City Charter Information Regarding Elected Officials:

Article V- Levelland City Charter

SECTION I.     GOVERNING BODY: The governing and lawmaking body of the City of Levelland shall be the "City Council of the City of Levelland" and shall consist of a Mayor and four (4) councilmembers and the five (5) persons holding such positions shall constitute the City Council of the City of Levelland, shall be the only elective offices of the City, and shall be elected, hold office, and compensated as herein provided. Any three (3) of the aforementioned shall constitute a quorum. (As amended 9-22-1973, 5-5-1992)

SECTION II.     ELECTIVE OFFICERS: Candidates for Councilmember Positions and Mayor: Candidates for the office of Councilmember shall file their applications for District A, District B, District C, and District D, as the case may be, and shall be voted on and elected accordingly. Candidates for Mayor shall designate in their application that they are running for that office. No candidate may run for more than one office in any election. (As amended 5-2-1991)


(A) Any qualified voter who resides within the City of Levelland, who is a citizen of the United States, and who meets the eligibility requirements of the laws of Texas shall have the right to seek election to the office of Councilmember or Mayor. In addition, persons seeking election to the Councilmember positions for District A, B, C, or D shall have resided within that District for six months prior to the first day on which candidates may submit application to be placed on the ballot for election. Persons seeking election to the office of Mayor may have resided within the corporate limits of the City of Levelland for six months prior to the first day on which candidates may submit application to be placed on the ballot for election.

Each candidate seeking election to the office of Mayor or Councilmember shall submit a written application on a form available from the City Secretary, which shall be submitted to the City Secretary not later than 5:00 p.m. on the forty-fifth (45) day before election day, and not earlier than the thirtieth (30) day before the filing deadline. (As amended 9-22-1973 & 5-5-1992)

SECTION IV. COUNCILMEMBERS AND MAYOR, DISTRICT DESIGNATION: The Mayor shall be elected at large, and all registered voters of the City of Levelland shall be entitled to vote in elections for this office. Concerning elections for Councilmembers for Districts A, B, C, and D, only registered voters of the City of Levelland who reside within each District shall be entitled to vote in Councilmember elections for that District.

The boundaries of Districts A, B, C, and D shall be as they have existed since February 27, 1985, except that as soon as practicable after each federal census, the City shall by resolution make such adjustments in the boundaries of each District as are necessary to (1) insure that each District has approximately equal population and (2) insure that the population of at least one District is predominantly composed of persons belonging to minority racial and ethnic groups. (As amended 5-5-1992)

SECTION V.     CANDIDATES; HOW ELECTED: In elections for the Mayor and Councilmembers from Districts A, B, C, and D, to be elected a candidate must receive a majority of all votes, casts. In the event no candidate receives a majority, a run-off election shall be conducted between the two candidates receiving the most votes. (As amended 5-5-1992)