Program Requirements

Where and How a Trailer Can be Dropped

Drop Trailer(s) will be set for use only in areas inside the city limits. The Drop-A-Trailer program can only be used by City of Levelland residents who currently pay a residential garbage collection charge. Neighborhood Associations and non-profit groups may also use this service.

This service is offered for use in residential areas for removing bulk refuse items including tree limbs, furniture, etc. This program is not for the use of contractors or for the disposal of large volumes of construction remodeling or demolition materials. In addition, users will be prohibited from disposing any trash from any for-profit businesses in the trailer.

Trailer Delivery and Removal

Drop Trailers must be placed within the boundaries of the requesting party’s property. The requesting party shall provide the Solid Waste Services Department with a sketch of their property and the requested location to place the container. They may wish to be available on-site when the trailer is delivered. Under no circumstances shall the drop trailer be placed in the alley or on property not belonging to the requesting party.

The trailer will be delivered by a city employee at the designated address and removed by a city employee. Drop trailers are scheduled to be set on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Drop trailers placed on Mondays shall be removed on Wednesday mornings. Drop Trailers placed on Fridays shall be removed on Monday mornings.

Hazardous Materials

Absolutely no Hazardous Wastes or prohibited wastes should be put into the trailer. All loads will be inspected by a city employee prior to removing the container from the citizen’s property and again at the disposal facility. All unacceptable material(s) will be removed by the property owner before the container is taken away from the citizen’s property. If prohibited material is identified during waste screening at the disposal facility, the container will be returned to the resident for removal of the prohibited material and the user will lose their privilege to use the trailer for a full year.

Responsibility for the Trailer

It will be the sole responsibility of the property owner to determine where the trailer will be placed to ensure that the debris will not be scattered and the material can be transported without spillage.

Any requesting party is limited to using this service one time in any six-month period. All services (including landfill disposal fees) will be provided free of charge assuming all of the above provisions are complied with.

The applicant (resident/user) will be responsible for all cost associated with failure to comply with these guidelines. The City of Levelland will not be responsible for any damage(s) to private property that results from the placement of the Drop Trailer(s). The user will be solely responsible for seeing that the trailer is used safely. For more information, please contact the Streets, Sanitation, and Maintenance Department at (806) 894-0113.